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the Boss

Jafar Njaadt

Dear Falafel! I'm Jafar, desert Lord who hails from the Howeitat*, one of the largest indigenous tribes in Southern Jordan. I tried all the aspects of the tribal life from camel herding with my grandfather through the military services to being a desert tour guide and a virtuous driver for Wadi Rum Safari Tours operating more than a decade, I'm also a certified scuba diving master, an emergency first responder, a Kasat Hawa (hijama) expert and a great and very modest outdoors chef.


*one of the largest indigenous tribes in Southern Jordan. During the Arab Revolt, former Sheikh of the Howaitat Auda Abu Taya famously mustered a force of Bedouin tribesmen to Aqaba under the banner of Prince Faisal bin Hussein, leading them to victory and rendered the tribes activity on raiding, collection of tribute and camel-herding. Nowadays, the Howeitat are in possession of large areas of land from the Wadi Rum desert stretching all the way to Saudi Arabia. Semi-settled, we used to combine farming with pastoralism, as well as the family now manage several tourism camps in Wadi Rum, and also have historically been a significant source of manpower for the Saudi Arabian National Guard and the Royal Jordanian Land Force.


We are a tiny family of a local Bedouin, his Russian wife, Arabian hund and her pups,

Silly cat and Happy goat flock

Юл', пять лет назад приехала в Вади Рам на экскурсию, и вот, всё ещё здесь. Училась на кафедре истории и археологии, интересуюсь геологией Вади Рам, цыганской урбанистикой, коневодством у ацтеков, современной шумерской литературой, ассиро-вавилонской филателией, а также чаем и травами.

После того, как Джафар привёз козлика на шашлык, а мы с ним подружились, мне больше не доверяют готовить, зато у нас есть стадо коз, свежее молоко на завтрак в нашем пустынном хостеле и ежедневные прогулки в горах.



Ul' Pollack

don't hesitate to direct me all your questions through any messenger: whatsapp/viber/telegram

+962 7 9533 7487

Came from Siberia to Wadi Rum with a jeep tour and being staying here for the last 4 years. Melted in sand and not quite sure if felt that day to the desert or Jafar. Studied history and archaeology, obsessed with petrology of Wadi Rum, contemporary Sumerian literature, Urban Planning for Gypsies, Assyrio-Babylonian philately, tea and herbs.

Runs a goat flock grown from the failed barbecue (oh, vegetarian) and guides hiking trips designed by goats of #kozza_milk_bar in the mountains surrounding our camp


We build chamber eco-friendly place here, do crazy (and moderate) safaris in Wadi Rum and up for any adventure route that can come to your mind.

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