✿ Mountain Goat Trail

We walk with our goat flock every morning an hour or two after breakfast and everyone who happened to be at this time in Malakot Inn is welcome to join us. 

We do not necessarily climb, but can make it to the mountaintops to overview all Wadi Rum from the thousand meters over the sea level, talk a lot about the flora we see on the way, the fauna, and the petrology of the red desert. There are some neolithic inscriptions right behind the corner, a big dune to play in the sand in half an hour's walk, and lots of breathtaking views. ☛ The length can vary from 3 to 8 km - it depending on hikers' preferences and physical conditions, but even climbing to the very top doesn’t require any special skills and suits for kids too ☛ Time then also depends on the rout we choose - 2-3 hours is the average we can climb to the top and get back to the camp but this mountain is big enough to spend all day up there ☛ Drinking water is provided - get your water bottles with you 

❖ Al Kharazeh, sandstone bridge

Al-Kharazeh rock bridges are just 8km away from our place. An hour is enough to get there, watch the sunset (most of the tourist crowd is leaving by that time to be closer to their camps), and come back. The site was also popular amongst Nabataeans - there are water collectors and memos left by their king Aretas not far away, so you might want to plan some extra time to explore - two would be good, the jeep trip will cost JoD35

Camel ride

Can be ordered separately or take a camel from Al Kharazeh sandstone bridges to return to the camp as a Bedouin - this would take about an hour and cost JoD 20