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We run this bed and breakfast on Jordan Trail, a quiet place for hikers, bicyclists, animal-lovers (allergic alert), stargazers and family weekends. It’s a tiny place, our max capacity is a dozen of people - a good chance to be tet-a-tet with the desert or make a party of your own (we’d love to assist with birthday surprise, private elopement in the mountains or whatever other ideas)

@wadirumdiary walks with our goat-flock every morning - you are welcome to join us on the mountain tracks - we’ll share everything we know about history, geology, flora and fauna of the surroundings.

Sandstone bridges of Al-Kharazeh are just 8 kilometers away from us - a car can be arranged for an hour ride (though we recommend two as the area was dencly inhabited and has more to see.

15 kilometers north of us is the very underrated village of Humayma.  People lived there longer than in Petra, and at the excavation site one can find ancient Idumean burials, and the remains of fifty meters of the Roman aqueduct, and water collectors, and baths of legionnaires, and an Abbasid villa.  And behind the village - Wadi Aheimar canyon, so your exploration can be scaled from an hour to the whole day.

Don't hesitate if you have any questions Jo Pollack whatsapp is +962795337487 or ask them in the comment section when booking a room.

We walk with our goat flock every morning an hour or two after breakfast and everyone who happened to be at this time in Malakot Inn is welcome to join us. To see what it looks like there is #kozza_milk_bar in Instagram.


A tiny quiet family farm - max capacity is about a dozen people at once - no light pollution at night, goats' bleating in the morning, all necessary facilities.


Aqaba - Wadi Rum - Petra - Dead Sea - Amman

Bedouin Dinners
Traditional and Vegetarian
Cold beer in menu

on the mountaintops
with our goat flock #kozza_milk_Bar

jeep safaris


Hot air balloon


free pick up and drop off
5 minutes off road drive from the camp

As the last 5 km to the camp is a dirt road with patches of loose sands we are meeting you at the highway,

there's a parking lot at JoPetrol gas station.

To avoid a waiting there ت

we kindly ask you to let us know

an approximate time of your arrival

in advance while booking a night

*at the service bar

Jafar is meeting you there, his phone/whatsapp is +962798898500 let him know when you are in about an hour drive to the place.

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