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In the land of milk and silan

For yougurt pancakes just take flour, baking soda and salt, the egg, oil and yogurt from @Salome. Mix until smooth and fry. That's the all recipe and most of the ingredients I get every morning from #chickinn

Add silan, a syrup prepared from dates, dibs in Arabic and - “Sweetness drops from your lips, O bride; honey and milk are under your tongue.” - touch The Song of Songs.

The Bible drips with mentions of honey. There’s the Promised Land flowing with milk and honey. But what sort of honey? Historians now believe that most biblical mentions of honey refer not to the golden nectar produced by bees, but to a syrup prepared from dates. This makes sense. Reducing bushels of dates — one of the revered seven biblical species — into amphorae of “honey” turns out to be a perfect preservation method. Not to mention, those long-lasting jars of the region’s first sweetener were immensely portable just in case of an expulsion, say, to Babylon.

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