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short visit
  • Passport and personal documentation, including some certified copies, stored separately

  • Spending money – small denomination notes

  • Waterproof and secure bag for documents and money

  • Camera with enough memory cards and batteries / charger for the duration of your placement

  • Personal medical first aid and hygiene kit (including anti-diarrhea, anti-histamines and headache tablets)

  • Mosquito and insect repellent

  • Sunscreen, lip balm, and sun hat

  • Sunglasses

  • If you wear glasses (or contacts) it is also advisable to bring a spare pair

  • ​Flashlight

  • Small backpack or bag for hiking

  • Sneakers/comfortable shoes and sandals/flip-flops

  • Lightweight jacket

Long Stay / Volunteers
  • Sleeping bag. In the winter it can get quite cold at night and the bedding provided isn’t very heavy

  • ​Flashlight

  • Small backpack or bag for hiking

  • Sneakers/comfortable shoes and sandals/flip-flops

  • Lightweight jacket

  • Fleece type pullover (it can get cold at night) and lightweight sweater

  • Long sleeved shirts/blouses

  • Short sleeved shirts or t-shirts

  • Trousers/pants/shorts/skirts

  • You could be doing some painting or building while on the project, so bring a set of clothes you don’t mind getting dirty and damaged!

  • Swimwear, beach towel and bath towel

Welcome to the Desert
Weather in Wadi Rum


Wadi Rum has a desert climate with a high fluctuation of daily temperatures. This is due to the fact that the dry air is not capable of trapping the heat that radiates from the sand after sunset.

What does that mean? The desert gets hot very quickly and then cools down very quickly. So hot days and cool nights during the summer and warm days and very cold nights in the winter time. Wadi Rum receives its annual rainfall in the winter months. It has even been known to snow in the mountains, although the snow melts quickly.

The desert sun here is no joke, especially during the summer months. Dehydration, sunburn and heat exhaustion are all real dangers for the ill-prepared. Stock up on sunscreen, plenty of water, sunglasses, protective clothing and a wide-brimmed hat in preparation for your trip. Finally, remember to avoid strenuous activity and take frequent rests during times of extreme heat.

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Jordan Travel


Single Entry visas valid for one month: 40 JOD (approximately 56 USD)
Double Entry visas valid for three months: 60 JOD (approximately 85 USD)

Multiple Entry visas valid for six months: 120 JOD (approximately 170 USD)


Exit service fee applies for land and sea border points. 10.00 JD per passenger and 5.00 JD per vehicle.

One must obtain a visa in advance for crossing into Jordan for one or two days, if they are crossing at the Allenby bridge

Free Visa

"Visa on arrival" is back at the Wadi Araba/Arava Crossing but it is not free of charge any more, it costs JD 60.

However, it can be refunded fully or partially, according to the following terms and conditions:

  • No refund: if you leave Jordan through another border point.

  • Full refund: if you leave Jordan via the same border point after spending here 3 days/2 nights, even if you don't visit Petra during your stay in Jordan.

  • Refund of JD 20: if you visit Petra and leave visa the same border point on the same day or spend 2 days/1 night in Jordan.

Please note: to prove your visit to Petra, you will have to get your entry documents (visa fee receipt and passport list) stamped at the Petra Visitor Center.

Jordan Pass

  • Entry to the 40 tourist sites

  • Digital brochures and maps that you can download

  • Visa fee (if you are eligible for visa on arrival and stay at least 3 nights in Jordan

Considering the visa fee is 40 JD and a 1-day entry fee to Petra is 50 JD, you will save at least 20 JD by buying the cheapest Jordan Pass for 70 JD.

Turkish Airlines

traveling with Turkish Airlines you'll have a 15% discount on the ticket entrance in Petra. You have only to show your boarding card when buying the ticket.

While the Pass gives access to 40 tourist sights, it does not include popular attractions like Petra by Night, the Baptism Site, Mount Nebo etc.

Natural reserves like Wadi Mujib, Dana etc. are also not included so you will have to pay entry fees when visiting these sights.

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