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For yougurt pancakes just take flour, baking soda and salt, the egg, oil and yogurt from @Salome. Mix until smooth and fry. That's the all recipe and most of the ingredients I get every morning from #chickinn

Add silan, a syrup prepared from dates, dibs in Ara...

صعتر is both wild oregano (Majorana syriaca or Origanum syriacum) and the seasoning mixture comprised of dried herbs, toasted sesame seeds, ground sumac, and salt. Thyme, oregano and marjoram — especially the last two, which are often confused with each other — are clo...

said the little prince, 'is that somewhere it hides a well...”and snakes,  “a funny animal, no thicker than a finger”,  but "more powerful than the finger of a king”, and scorpions, and spiders.


All of this creatures are generally not a threat unless they are actu...

The everyday diet of those Bedouin who continue to maintain a primarily nomadic way of life relies heavily on bread and dates, lamb, goat and occasionally camel meat and milk. The diet is low in vitamin A and D and most Bedouin got vitamin A from eggs and from Mallow p...

The most common wormwoods of the Middle East are Artemisia Absinthium, Artemisia Judaica (بعثران) and Artemisia Arborescens (شيح), all of which have similar uses.


Bedouins believe that the fumes of wormwood will keep away the cosmopolitan evil eye. They use dry wooly...

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